Visa Info

The important and the main part of every kind of travel is getting visa so we will inform you about two important kinds of visas in Iran and make you all clear.

1.Embassy visa supply:

This is the first and also safest way to get your visa stamp in your home country .

Too easy with just three steps:

  1. Giving Embassy requirements to us and we’ll do our best(the same and require documents as VOA)
  2. We’ll send you the digital number
  3. You just have to lookup to Iran’s embassy in your home country and receive your stamp.
And just fly safe throght the beautiful country

2. (VOA) Visa on arrival:

The other option for getting your stamp in your passport can be VOA.

The progress is easy but mix by a little bit stress that will allow you stay here from 14 to 30 days depends on your country. After you get your digital number from the agency reply you’ll now have to reserve your flight and also booking your hotel then you come to your destination and can get your stamp in your passport in the international airports that I will list them in the rest of the post.

Now regarding to the stress that I noticed is in some cases wich might be happened just for 3% of whole cases and because of some problems airport’s visa department will avoid you from receiving your stamp.

You need these important documents with you to complete your progress for final step to get your visa:

  1. At least Six month left for your passport validity
  2. Your ticket for the date that you’ll return
  3. Two pictures the same as your passport photo and also the same size to attached on your application form. (Notice: If you traveled to Iran in the past the officers got you two photos with their digital camera but some changes now force you to bring your photo on your own)
  4. Visa fees have to pay depends on your country to Iran Visa & Passport Office at the airport .
  5. Your hotel reservation or an invitation letter that we can send it for you to Iran Ministry of Foreign Affairs and this letter have to be sent 48 hours before your trip.
  6. And a clearly valid Travel insurance for iran.

Here’s the list of the international airports that supply visa stamps:

  • THR: Mehrabad International Airport
  • MHD: Mashhad International Airport
  • SYZ: Shiraz International Airport
  • TBZ: Tabriz International Airport
  • ISF: Isfahan International Airport
  • BND: Bandare Abbas Port.
  • Shahid Bahonar Harbor, Bandare Abbas
  • KIH: Kish international Airport
There are some free zones and spots that you foreigners do not need to get visa if you just planning visit these kinds of cities and areas in Iran like Kish island.
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